Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried pet food has the ease and convenience of kibble, yet it is comprised of the same ingredients as a raw diet. The food is not messy to feed so your dogs don't get it all over the area where you feed them. Ideally, the food will already be nutritionally balanced, so you don’t have to spend time choosing the ingredients or making the food yourself. 

Freeze-drying also kills the bacteria that sometimes poses a problem with raw foods, too. The bones in the freeze-dried food are already ground. Of course, you can still give your dog bones for recreational chewing to help keep teeth clean.  

Plus, freeze-dried pet foods have a long life; if they are kept in their packaging, they will last until you are ready to rehydrate them and no additional refrigeration or freezing is required. You can store them in a kitchen cabinet or take them with you when you travel with your dog.  

How Does Freeze Drying Work? 

Freeze drying is a form of dehydration that removes the moisture so the food is condensed. In most cases, small bags or bars of freeze-dried food are sold compared to larger amounts of kibble or frozen raw food. Usually, water needs to be added to rehydrate.  

The process includes freezing the food, lowering the pressure around the food, removing the moisture and sealing the product. Freeze-drying acts as a preservative which is how the food can last so long once it has been freeze dried. Other preservatives are not necessary.

Paws and Chicon carries a variety of freeze-dried food.