Treats, Chews, Toys & Leashes

If you are looking to train, reward or just spoil your furry loved one, we have all your needs covered.

At Paws on Chicon, you'll find a large selection and high quality lines of chews. Lots of our chews are made right here in Texas and all of our chews are USDA inspected. 

Chews are typically long lasting and are crucial to a dog’s oral and mental health. They occupy a dog’s mind by keeping him or her from chewing on inappropriate objects while at the same time providing entertainment for long periods of time.   

We carry a variety of quality and safe dog chews that are natural, tasty, healthy and long lasting. Our chews are not chemically treated and are easily digestible.      

Treats are available for dental hygiene and some are ‘nutraceutical’ with added supplements for hip and joint, skin conditioners, and even calming aids. Vegetarian treats are also available and offer another way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into a pet’s diet. 

Additionally, treats can be used for training or to reward good behavior.